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Past Life Regression Workshop

See your past lives led to by your Higher Self


Thursday, Oct 13th, 2022


Ever walked into a place and thought: "I have been here before!"

Ever met someone and asked: "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

Well..... If you answered "YES" then you probably did, in a Past Life


Join Karolina Mankowski in this Group Regression Workshop!

Past Life Regression allows a direct route to subconscious memories from previous incarnations that still affect us in your current life

Regression is a powerful modality in self-discovery, explaining personal phobias, character traits, karmic relationships, life lessons, and fears

This workshop will focus on the work of Dolores Cannon and her group regression technique as well as meeting one of your Guides. Participants will be guided into a group regression in order to explore a past life.  Each person will have their own unique experience throughout the group regression, where participants can be shown a past life, current life, or parallel life.

In this Workshop you will:

  • A deeper understanding of past life regression and Dolores Cannon’s work

  • Meet one of your Guides

  • Practice with visualization

  • Experience an abbreviated version of a past life regression

  • Wisdom, knowledge, clarity, and healing from your higher self

  • A better understanding of who you are and your purpose

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Come join us as we journey inward, to other times and other places