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Past Life Regression


Mon March 18th, 2024

8pm EST


*This is a Virtual event*

Have you ever wondered about the untold stories of your soul's journey through time?
Join us for a transformative and enlightening experience in our Virtual Past Life Regression Workshop on Zoom!
This unique event will guide you through the depths of your subconscious, unveiling the mysteries of your past lives and the profound impact they may have on your present.

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A unique Event

What to expect


Guided Regression Session

Experience a professionally guided past life regression session that will take you on a soulful journey through time. Our expert facilitator will create a safe and nurturing space for you to explore the recesses of your subconscious mind.


Healing and Release

Release unresolved emotions and energy from past lifetimes, allowing for deep healing and personal transformation. This workshop is designed to help you let go of any emotional baggage that may be holding you back


Insights and Discoveries

Uncover hidden memories and gain insights into your current life challenges, relationships, and patterns. Discover how past experiences may be influencing your present and learn valuable lessons for personal growth


Spiritual Connection

Connect with your higher self and gain a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose. Explore the spiritual dimensions of your existence and tap into the wisdom that resides within you.

Join Karolina Mankowski in this Group Regression Workshop!

Past Life Regression allows a direct route to subconscious memories from previous incarnations that still affect us in your current life

Regression is a powerful modality in self-discovery, explaining personal phobias, character traits, karmic relationships, life lessons, and fears

This workshop will focus on the work of Dolores Cannon and her group regression technique as well as meeting one of your Guides. Participants will be guided into a group regression in order to explore a past life.  Each person will have their own unique experience throughout the group regression, where participants can be shown a past life, current life, or parallel life.


Please note: The ability to visualize is required to get the most out of the experience.

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I recently attended a past life regression group event and I must say, it was a truly transformational experience. Karolina created a safe and relaxing environment, which made it easy for me to delve deep into my subconscious mind. During the session, I revisited past lives and gained valuable insights into my current life challenges. I was able to connect the dots between my past experiences and the present, which helped me understand myself better and make positive changes. The energy of the group was also amazing and it was a beautiful feeling to share such a personal experience with like-minded individuals. I would highly recommend this event to anyone looking for self-discovery and growth.

 I was blown away by the experience. Karolina was incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in leading the group through the regression process. The meditation techniques used during the session helped me to relax and access memories from past lives that I had forgotten about. I was amazed at how vivid these memories were and how they related to my current life experiences. The group dynamic was also very supportive and it was a privilege to share such a personal journey with others. I left the event feeling lighter, more self-aware and empowered to make positive changes in my life. If you're looking for a powerful tool for self-discovery, I would highly recommend this event.

. Karolina led a relaxing and insightful session. I accessed past life memories and gained self-awareness. The group was supportive. I highly recommend this event for self-discovery.


 You will also

Meet your Guide

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We all have Spirit Guides that are always available to us when we need them. Meet one of yours and receive a special gift and message from them

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Do I need to do anything to prepare for the session?
Don't drink any alcohol before the session or eat a heavy meal

I have never done a Past Life Regression before. What can I expect?
Have zero expectations. Have fun, let go, and see what your spirit wants you to see! 

What time is the event?
March 18th, 2024, 8 pm-10 pm EST time
It's on ZOOM

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend?

No refunds will be given once purchased. You will receive the whole workshop to enjoy whenever you'd like.  

I have a hard time being hypnotized, should I attend?
We will go through some visualization exercises beforehand. Whatever you are meant to experience during the session, you will. You also receive the recording of the session so you can listen at home

Will there be a replay?
Yes! A replay will be sent out after the event.
The presentation and meditation recording will be sent out as well, for you to enjoy as often as you'd like.

Anything else I need to know?
Trust, let go, and let yourself experience what you are meant to experience. Spirit knows.

What happens when I purchase for this event?
You will receive a Zoom link directly in your email. Closer (approx 1 week) to the event, we will send out the corresponding workbook. After the event, we will send out the replay recording and meditation.

Who will be hosting this event?
Karolina Mankowski will be hosting this event. She is a spiritual teacher, Intuitive healer, and QHHT Practitioner. She has helped hundreds of people with her unique healing sessions.

Can I share the event (the materials) with someone?
No. There are copyright laws.  Please send them the link so it's not stealing and this helps support us as well. 


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Ready to go back in time?
Ready to meet your Guide?

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