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6 Week Psychic Development Program
Sundays 2pm-4pm
Starting April 3rd, 2022
In Person

Psychic Development in Delray Beach FL

Unlock your Psychic potential!

We will show you how to tap into your gifts!

In this program you will : 


Unlock your hidden psychic potential

Learn how to heal yourself and others
Explore auras, past lives, and more
Meet your Healing Master

(a spirit guide who is contracted to work with you

Contact your guides for Advice and Clarity on your current struggles

Heal your Chakras to have more energy and reconnect with yourself

Learn how to work with your Spirit Guides


Candle Burning Ritual


Psychics are not born, they are made. Psychic Development is a path that can be taken by anyone who wants to learn and hone their psychic abilities.

With each lesson, you will learn new techniques to activate your own psychic ability and bring yourself closer to the truth.

Isn't it difficult to hear what your inner voice is telling you? It seems like every time you try, the same thoughts run through your head: I can't do this. I need help.

Imagine knowing what to do when you can't decipher your inner voice. Imagine finally understanding your thoughts. Imagine never asking What do I do?

Discover how to unlock your psychic potential with our Psychic Development course. Learn the tools and techniques that will allow you to manifest your goals effortlessly and freely. Join us today and start living the life you were meant to live.

• Learn how to unlock your psychic potential
• Increase intuitive awareness
• Understand how to tap into inner energies

• Learn how to control Psychic Phenomena
• Enhance intuition
• Become more aware




Karolina is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master,  Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, and Spiritual Teacher.

She has conducted hundreds of Intuitive Readings and guided Souls along their Spiritual Journey


Alex Loesche 

Alex is an Intuitive Healer specializing in Energy Work.
He has taught numerous workshops on Spiritual and Psychic Development, Crystal and Energy Work