Truth is, we can all use some guidance. We all need someone who can help you to be better in tune with your heart and your feelings. As a Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Practitioner and Clairvoyant, Karolina will listen to your concerns and situation and help to offer guidance from a spiritual perspective. She will help you see more clearly when your judgment is clouded by stress and everyday concerns. As a healer and teacher, Karolina will not heal you, but rather trigger within you your own abilities to heal yourself.

"A Life Coach for the Soul"

$150/90 min session


I have been a client of Karolina Mankowski since September 2016, and if one word can sum up the experience of my sessions with her, it is “Mindblowing”! Her demeanor was kind, caring, compassionate, with no pressure to re-book, but leaving one with a sense that re-booking was imminent. While this alone is no small feat, it was indeed when she took me on a spiritual journey through her Reiki that the true depths of her talents were revealed. A true spiritualist with a gift, her Reiki sessions put one at such ease and opens the soul to another dimension that can only be described as trans-dimensional travel of one's being. Very powerful! Karolina was able to tell me things about myself that were either suppressed or subconsciously tucked away. Her manner and insights have consecutively been spot on!  While a Reiki session with Karolina can be intense, it is extremely pleasant, and leaves one with a better sense of self, and a curiosity to improve one’s life and surroundings. I can only say that my experiences (on-going) with Karolina have altered my life, and she offers a service which gives both comfort and sustenance for the body and soul.


-John Moskalyk, Managing Director-ADR International Corp

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