Truth is, we can all use some guidance. We all need someone who can help you to be better in tune with your heart and your feelings. As a Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Practitioner and Clairvoyant, Karolina will listen to your concerns and situation and help to offer guidance from a spiritual perspective. She will help you see more clearly when your judgment is clouded by stress and everyday concerns. As a healer and teacher, Karolina will not heal you, but rather trigger within you your own abilities to heal yourself.

"A Life Coach for the Soul"

$150/90 min session


I have worked with Karolina for a couple of years and I can say that she has always encouraged me and those around me to be our best self. She takes the time to listen and help you unlock emotions that were kept hidden, and at times we didn’t even realize were there. She is very honest and gets to the point. A true master at her craft

—  Umbayi Moret

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