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The Power of the Root Chakra

Updated: Nov 29, 2022


Your story must begin somewhere and your life begins at the Root Chakra. Stability, health, prosperity, grounded structure, and support are critical to enlightenment.

The root chakra is what supports all the other chakras, just like a tree is supported by its own roots. Without a strong root chakra, it is difficult to maximize your potential, build a strong connection with yourself and thrive in life's storms. Let's dive deeper into the power of the root chakra, what it represents for your body, mind, and spirit and how to connect and heal to be able to harness its true power.

Chakra Healing Course
Root Chakra

Our quest in life is rooted in safety and security. We come into this world in a vulnerable state and dependent on others. Our feelings of insecurity and connection are rooted in our Root Chakra. These issues often stem from childhood experiences. Lack of bonding with your parent(s) in the early months of your life will wreak havoc on the Root Chakra. How safe and sheltered you felt as a child will be reflected into your adulthood, unless, of course, you work on these traumas and heal from within.

The Root Chakra represents :

  • Being Grounded

  • Your Tribe

  • Boundaries

  • Finances

  • Your Physical Body

Let's dive deeper into all of these life issues related to the Root Chakra :


How connected do you feel to the Earth?

When was the last time you took your shoes off and went outside?

How comfortable are you in your body?

Being grounded means you are making your physical health a priority, honoring yourself, and understanding that building a firm foundation is critical to building the life you want.

You are a spiritual being living in a human body, so we must make this vessel a priority.


Your tribe can consist of your family, your friend groups, your work friends, or a group whom you share a common interest in life experience with. A tribe is important to have as part of one's sense of belonging. When your tribe changes, due to a move or a life circumstance, you might encounter a shift within your Root Chakra, until you find safety in your new geographical dynamics.


Having good boundaries means standing in your power. The Root Chakra reflects how you honor yourself, your connection to yourself, and your honor. Having good boundaries means you stand firm in your beliefs and your happiness. First Chakra problems are often related to boundary issues. So take a moment right now and ask yourself: In what area of your life am I not upholding strong boundaries?

To dive deeper into boundaries check out our boundaries course :


How you handle your finances is directly related to your Root Chakra. Money represents security and stability in one's life, and people with constant financial worries often have blocked Root Chakras. Money represents one of our basic needs and is the cause of a lot of worry and anxiety. Our money story starts in our childhood.

How was money handled in your childhood? Was there always scarcity in your family? How are finances today?

Take a look at your finances now and see how you can directly relate this to your exposure to money in your childhood. In our Ultimate Chakra Course, we dive deep into healing these old wounds and reprogramming your mind to shift these limiting beliefs.


Your first Chakra represents your physical body. Your health and your weight are directly correlated to the balance or imbalance of your Root Chakra. When you are healthy and fit, you are in a better position to take care of your basic needs. Daily movement of the body (as simple as a brisk 20min powerwalk) is key to a healthy Root Chakra.


Below are the main symptoms of a blocked Root Chakra. Childhood trauma is a common cause of a blockage: lack of emotional and/or physical safety, and lacking a strong parental figure. Do you relate to any of the following symptoms?

  • Lower back problems

  • Physical conditions tied to the feet, legs, hips, and bones

  • Constipation

  • Excessive weight

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Insomnia due to stress

  • Food, alcohol, or work addiction

  • Financial problems


Healing the Root Chakra starts with the body. Using the body, moving the body, and feeling the body. Below are ways to connect and heal the Root Chakra. Which ones do you practice daily?

  • Eating healthy simple foods, especially root vegetables: potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, beets, meats, berries, and tomatoes will support a healthy Root Chakra

  • Getting a massage

  • Sleeping enough

  • Taking a long hot bath

  • Being outdoors in nature

  • Moving the body (exercising, dancing, lifting weights, a movement where you must be present in your body)

  • Mantras to help you be more present


When you have an overloaded first Chakra you tend to have rigid rules and boundaries. You have a tendency to hoard (money, food, and/or weight). You tend to be very close-minded and not open to new views, new adventures and lack spontaneity in your life


  • Moving the physical body to drain the excess energy

  • Feeling the ground

  • Yoga movements

  • Stretching to increase movement in the joints

  • Yoga poses that help you connect to the earth (Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Corpse Pose

As you can see, the health of your Root Chakra is incredibly important, to maintain health, be present in your body, and stay focused on being grounded, safe, and connected to your life force.

Chakra Healing Course

Want to dive deeper into your Root Chakra, heal old paradigms and unlearn limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you?

We focus on this and much more (including diving into the other 6 Chakras) in our Ultimate Chakra Course

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