What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing has been around for hundreds of years. It is one of the most powerful and well-known Healing modalities around.

At Serene Soul Studio in Delray Beach, Florida we offer this powerful Energy Healing modality, and in the last few months, due to the Pandemic, the demand has never been greater for this unique Spiritual Practice.

Many are still confused by this Healing so here we answer some commonly asked questions.

What exactly is Reiki?

Technically, Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine or Energy Healing. A hands-on healing with which a "universal energy" is transferred to the client by the Practitioner.

The non-technical definition; it wakes up the Emotional and Spiritual Body so the trapped emotions can be brought into awareness and Healed. A Chakra Balancing is usually always involved directly or indirectly to bring into balance the Energy Centres. Karolina Mankowski always says "Reiki is for the Spiritual Body what the gym is for the Physical Body"

How can Reiki help me?

Reiki is a Spiritual Energy Healing. Given humans are energetic beings, Reiki helps guide the Spiritual Body into alignment and guides the Physical body to let go and release any trapped emotions. Emotions, if not released, can create Spiritual Toxicity. Imagine not using the bathroom for a month. It will build up until you have an explosion! Like your digestive system keeps the food and waste flowing; Reiki keeps the energy flowing! If you feel lost, frustrated, have low energy, it is time to schedule a Reiki session.

What does a Session Entail?

During a Reiki session, the client lies down on a massage table and the Reiki Practitioner or Master will place their hands on different points of the body, guided by the energy. The practitioner is only the conduit for Reiki Energy and simply guides the flow of Reiki to where the body needs it most. An experienced Healer will be able to read the energy and provide feedback on any blockages the client has.