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Spiritual Coaching in Delray Beach, FL

First time client special


Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

Are you coming out of an abusive relationship?

Do you attract only emotionally unavailable partners?

Are you healing from a narcissistic relationship? (parent, friend, or romantic)

Were you emotionally neglected as a child and never learned how to love yourself? 
(They definitely don't teach THAT in school!)

Are you constantly attracting and putting up with romantic partners who make you feel like they are simply using you and then discarding you?

Do you feel disconnected from life and your purpose?

Do you feel not seen or heard by the most important people in your life?

Do you have a hard time saying no and feel guilty for upholding boundaries?

Do you feel disconnected from The Universe and not able to "hear" your Intuition?

Are you a people pleaser and feel guilty for putting yourself first?

If you answered YES to any (or maybe all) of these questions then we can most certainly help

Invest in yourself

  •  Learn how to let go of fear

  • Explore empowering beliefs

  • Increase inner happiness

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Reconnect with yourself

When you make the choice to invest in your spiritual health, the world opens up in ways you never knew possible. You'll find yourself becoming calmer and less stressed out. You'll feel empowered to live a life that is true to your authentic self. You'll be able to follow your own bliss without feeling guilty or compromised by others' expectations.

Session cost: $200/session

In-Person and Zoom 

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What does it mean to be Spiritual?

For those who hold firm to their beliefs, religion may come up when discussing spirituality.

Yet for many others, spirituality is deeper than this or associated with no one belief at all - looking different each time based on what someone needs at the moment. It's a common misconception that most individuals do not associate spirituality and therapy together, but in truth, these two branches of healing have been intrinsically related since humans first attempted to explore themselves thousands of years ago.

A person who practices self-reflection inwardly and outwardly - seeking out evermore enlightenment - will know how mental health can depend upon his or her continued studies, readings, and meditations surrounding the materialistic world they live in every day.

That this has always been true goes without saying.

What is surprising though is how recently spiritual therapies such as meditation and mindfulness emerged from within both ancient philosophies and forms of Hinduism centuries ago, evolving into higher-level practices just before emerging to new generations today.

What does Spiritual Coaching entail?

Spiritual therapy focuses on healing the whole person and guiding you in reconnecting to your true self

Often when we go to a therapist, the focus remains on one specific element of mental health, but spiritual therapy focuses on everything—mind, body, and spirit.

Your background in faith is irrelevant in taking advantage of the benefits of spiritual therapy. Spiritual Therapy encompasses many different types of healing modalities including but not limited to :

Energy Healing

Mindset Coaching

Inner Child Work


Intuitive Readings

Spiritual counseling will allow you to become more mindful, honor your self-worth, and be more present in your relationship with yourself and others. Helping you heal from within

How can Spiritual Coaching help me?

The connection between an individual and a higher power can offer an array of life benefits. It can help a person achieve and grow in ways that they may have previously believed impossible.

Spiritual Therapy will help you reexamine deeply held beliefs, heal emotional and childhood emotional wounds, and create an emotional state peace and harmony


About the Coach

Karolina is a Reiki Master, QHHT Practitioner, and Intuitive Healer helping those on their Spiritual journeys become the best version of themselves. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Karolina Has helped hundreds of people awaken their Spiritual and Emotional bodies so healing can commence. 
Karolina's sessions will bring into awareness what needs to be healed and dealt with. Whether you are feeling stuck, need clarity on a life theme, or confirmation that you are on the right path, Karolina will guide you.


Karolina's support has helped open up the door to emotional healing, self-transformation, and personal growth. She is extremely intuitive, and her guidance has deepened my emotional and spiritual connection to myself. Karolina is very smart and passionate about her work and creates a comforting environment. I always leave our sessions feeling physically and emotionally grounded. She genuinely cares and her meaningful work has made a huge difference.

Elizabeth Kuntz

I deeply appreciate Karolina’s in-depth energy work. We started by talking through the reasons I was there which helped me gain clarity as to why I was attracted to see her to begin with. We then moved into energy work which I absolutely felt. Thank you Karolina!

Kimberly Ming


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