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September Workshop :

Mindfully Nourished

Elizabeth Kuntz

Sunday, September 4th, 2022



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This Workshop has been postponed!!

Ready to transform your relationship with food but don't know where to start?

Our Mindfully Eating Workshop will help you reconnect with yourself and transform the way you think about food in an interactive, motivating, and supportive in-person group

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Learn how to pay attention to your body in a way that helps you eat what it needs and avoid cravings.


Mindful eating is about finding satisfaction in food without over-indulging. This workshop will be a mixture of lecture and practical hands-on exercises where you will learn why emotional eating is a problem, why mindful eating might be the solution, and how to apply it in your daily life.


Just because we are surrounded by food does not mean we have to overeat! Learn the skills to make better choices about when, what, and how much you eat through mindful awareness practice during this workshop.


You deserve an eating pattern that supports your health goals as well as your physical and mental wellbeing - come take part in our first ever Mindful Eating Workshop!

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Right Now you might be :


Gaining weight and don't know why.

Distracted when eating and don't take the time to fully enjoy every meal.

 Eating while working, watching tv, or talking on the phone.

Not having a healthy relationship with food and rushing every meal.

 Feeling guilty for eating "bad",

Stress eating and don't take breaks to eat.

Not giving your body your undivided attention

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Imagine learning a whole new way of eating, reconnecting with your body, and walking away with new tools and awareness pertaining to your relationship with food

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In this Workshop, you will :

Explore what Mindful Eating is and how it's affecting your life

Experience the connection between mind and body with fun exercises and learn tools for a more mindful body-gut relationship

Deepen into self-awareness, learning about your digestive system, the importance of your nervous system, and the energy of food

Receive tools to continue your healing journey at home 

Be guided on a hypnotic journey exploring your Childhood in relation to food and eating patterns


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About your Teacher

Elizabeth Kuntz is a Holistic Health Coach and an expert in Nutrition. She has been consulting individuals on their health journey for over 3 years.  She believes that optimizing your health is not achieved through a cookie-cutter viewpoint, but rather through a bio-individual lense. Her goal with this workshop is to empower people to understand how to implement mindfulness techniques and teach individuals how to tune into their own bodies for optimal health and to strengthen their relationship with food.  

What Elizabeth's client's say


"I now have a great relationship with food. I’ve started to enjoy cooking more and now have the mentality that my body needs and deserves nutrition. Having a good relationship with food was the main goal I had for myself and it feels so great to finally not dread it.


"Thank you, Elizabeth, from the bottom of my heart for teaching me the effects of foods on the body, educating me on nutrition, and for being extremely respectful and supportive. You have really changed my life and I will forever be grateful. I can see why this is your passion!”


"The most important lesson I’ve learned working with Elizabeth is that this journey is not a race. It is A LOT of small changes made over time.

I’ve lost over 100 pounds of fat through learning healthy eating habits, built a maintainable exercise routine, and learned how to practice daily mindfulness that helps me stay on track

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